HughesNet is a Satellite Internet Service. You can get super-fast, Internet access anywhere United States through HughesNet. Satellite internet is an always on stand-alone connection, so you don't have to have phone-line or existing cable at your location. You can download files in seconds, check e-mail instantly, stream video content and surf the net faster than you ever imagined.

How fast are HughesNet services for your home?


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What are the typical speeds that I will experience with HughesNet?

With HughesNet home plans, you can get download speeds up to 15.0 Mbps. This means you can download a 1 MB video file in about a second, as opposed to the 2.5 minutes it would take you to download the same file with a 56 Kbps dial-up connections. Several variables have to also be taken into account with download times. Network traffic, computer configuration, computer speed, and the speed of the connection you are downloading from "the server speed of the website" will also need to be considered. This goes for any Internet Connection not just Satellite Internet. It is also possible for differant speeds on differant computers on the same connection. For example: you run a speed test on a wireless laptop and a speed test on a hard-wired desktop, you could get a differant result even though the computers are connected to the same connection.

How can I purchase HughesNet for my home?

You can order today from ZSAT call 1-866-980-7999.

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What are my computer system requirements for HughesNet?

HughesNet lets you connect your computer to the Internet whether you are running a Windows or Macintosh operating system. In order to ensure you get the most out of your Internet experience, HughesNet has developed these minimum requirements:

Windows 98SE or higher or Mac OS 10.1 or higher, and a Network capability (10/100 Ethernet pre-equipped). Hughesnet will also work with the Linux operating system. Most computers built in the past 10 years will be more than capable of using Hughesnet High-Speed Satellite Internet.

Is HughesNet compatible with my Mac?

Yes, HughesNet is compatible with Mac OS 10.1 or higher. In addition, 10/100 Ethernet connectivity is required. Most Macs have these built in.

Can I use HughesNet to run a small network?

You can connect multiple computers and laptops to a single HughesNet Satellite Internet connection. HughesNet modems come with a state of the art wireless router built in. Our technicians will set up this a personalized wireless network for to ensure a secure connection for your household.

Do I still need a dial-up modem and telephone line?

No. Hughesnet delivers high-speed satellite internet, so you have instant access to the Internet. You do not need a phone line or any other pre existing cable line to access the Internet with HughesNet. We have many customers that have disconnected their home telephone line entirely after they get Hughesnet.

Why is there a requirement that the HughesNet system be professionally installed?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires that trained professionals install any satellite system that both sends and receives signals. Hughesnet trains and makes sure every technician has the ability to answer any customer questions at the time of install, and to also provide you with the highest quality install possible.

How quickly will I be up and running?

On average, most customers are installed within 3 days of their order. When you place your order today, our office will contact you within 3 hours. You and our professional office staff will then work out a mutually agreeable date and time for your installation. On the day of install you will be contacted by your assigned technician and receive an ETA at least 30 minutes prior. Once the site survey is complete - approx. 15 minutes after technician arrival - the installation takes about 2 hours depending on the location and what needs to be completed to get your system installed. Please call our installation department at 866-980-7999 ext. 101 for any additional questions you may have regarding install.

Can I run a VPN over HughesNet?

Yes, sometimes. However, running a VPN client over satellite internet is not an ideal configuration. If you choose to run VPN, your data speeds may be reduced by as much as 50-75%. You can restore your connection to full speed by simply disabling your VPN client when your session is over.

SSL-based VPN products have proven to work more efficiently over satellite than IPSEC-Based VPN products.

Note: HughesNet Technical Support or ZSAT does not provide help with configuring or troubleshooting problems associated with VPN clients. For questions about your VPN product, please contact the manufacturer tech support or your companies tech support.

Why does the service slow down when used in conjunction with a VPN?

HughesNet uses sophisticated acceleration techniques to enable high-speed performance over satellite. These acceleration techniques require access to data packet header information, which is blocked when IPSec-based VPNs are used. These VPNs encrypt the data and create a secure tunnel through the HughesNet network. The encrypted data cannot be processed by HughesNets acceleration techniques, therefore resulting in slower performance.

Once I connect my service, how can I contact Customer Support when I have a question or problem?

You can call us at 1-866-980-7999. If you need further technical support we will put you in contact with the correct HughesNet Department.

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"Installer was friendly and knowledgeable. Product is as advertised. Very happy with service."

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